Privacy statement


We store only the absolutely necessary data. The type of data we store and the control you have over it is explained below.

This privacy statement is valid from April 2019 and can change in the future.

What personal data do we store?

We only store personal data that you voluntarily submit to us. That is:

What non-personal data do we store?

Our server automatically records this data about your visit:

All this data is automatically anonymized according to the GDPR. It's not possible for us to link this data with your user account. We only use this data for statistical reports, e.g. to find out how many visitors we had on a day.

For capturing this data we use the tool Plausible Analytics ( allowing a very privacy friendly tracking.

The non-personal data is automatically deleted after 30 days.

What services do we use to exchange data?

To make it easier for you to sign in to this service, you can choose to use Google or Facebook for this task. We do not send anything to this corporations. After successful registration, we only get access to your name, your e-mail address and your profile picture. We do not link your account to these services. You can use the "Forgot Password" function at any time to create a password so that you can log in without Google/Facebook in the future.

You can choose to import your tours from Garmin or Suunto. If you do that, you should know the following:


For Garmin

For Suunto and Polar

Where is your data stored?

All your data will be stored in a data center in Germany.

We take great care to ensure that your data is not distributed all over the world by not using any services from global companies (e.g. Google or Facebook). is completely free of advertising.

What can you do as regards data storage?

You can delete your user profile at any time under "My data". This will delete all your data from our servers, permanently.

In addition, you can request data information in accordance with the GDPR by sending an e-mail to However, we will not be able to send you more data than you can see on the platform by yourself.

How can you get a copy of your data?

In your user profile you can export all your data stored on AdventureLog at any time.

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